Did You Know…Panda Edition?

When I was a kid I LOVED pandas. I even had a dream (that I swore was real) that a panda had crawled up through the grass from China and was living in a tall growth of bamboo.

Pandas are cute creatures, especially red pandas. When asked by a friend of mine who loves pandas as much as I love to read, I decided to write a short post about pandas. I mean, who doesn’t love pandas?


Here are three fun facts you may or may not know about pandas:

  1. While pandas mainly eat bamboo, they are actually omnivores and will occasionally eat fish and small animals.
  2. When winter approaches, pandas do not hibernate. Instead, they find a place that is warmer and they still eat the bamboo that they love so much.
  3. Every two years, a female panda conceives one to two cubs. They stay with her for about 18 months.